Preschool is the first step for children as well as their parents to their child’s world of learning.

At Oysterr.., we fully understand the initiation of children into this new world (preschool) and have thoughtfully designed our curriculum to incorporate the best processes/methods that will make the journey of learning, fun. Learning at Oysterr..preschool is theme based and topics are chosen in a way that little children from 2 to 3.5 years can relate to.

Oysterr..preschool has a philosophy of integrating and continuously reinventing the best methods in different curriculum. Oysterr..peschool ensures that the child’s journey is physically and intellectually stimulating and has a social and emotionally stable environment as well, to support the child to develop various skills, capabilities and the confidence to shine like a wholesome pearl.


  • The preschool curriculum is theme based.

  • Oysterr..preschool has a combination of Montessori and Playway  methods, which enables the child to have the best of both preschool methodologies.

  • Well qualified and hands on teachers in the preschool guide and aid an experiential learning process.

  • An optimal child-teacher ratio for the preschool ensures personalised attention as well as caring development.

  • The preschool curriculum focuses on developing social skills, intellectual and physical abilities in an emotionally secure and stable environment which fosters overall cognitive development.

  • The preschool curriculum also has well planned art and craft sessions to help the children discover and develop their creative streaks.


  • Theme based learning helps the children to develop an awareness and understanding of the environment and the world at their level.

  • The learning process at Oysterr..preschool is play based, fun-filled as well as at a pace which is relaxed so that children learn in a comfortable environment.

  • Well qualified and hands-on teachers at Oysterr..preschool ensure that they understand the growth pace of each child and groom him / her accordingly.

Leading To

  • Every child at Oysterr..preschool grows having good self-esteem and confidence.

  • Children are intellectually and physically ready with a high level of social awareness to take the next step into a big school.

  • Children are emotionally ready to take on the transition and adjust in a new environment comfortably.

Parents Speak

Aadhya has been going to Oysterr since she was sixteen months old. It has become her second home now. She loves the place and we love the way she has grown in Oysterr. Here, at a very early stage she learnt colouring, nursery rhymes, alphabets and numbers.


Ashmita and Manish Kumar - Accenture and Amway


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