Kangan Chaudhary, Chartered Accountant

I would like to say that my experience with Oysterr has completely spoilt me. I am a Chartered Accountant and had quit working when I had my son. He was eleven months old when he started going to Oysterr. Like all first time mothers are, I was also very apprehensive about finding a good daycare for him so I could start working again. After hunting and visiting many daycares in Gurgaon, I heard of Oysterr. My very first meeting with the Director, Nidhi, put me completely at ease and I was confident about putting my child under her care.

My son was there for five to six months and then we migrated to Noida. It’s been a year now since I am looking at creches in Noida, but to my disappointment, have not been able to find even one half as good as Oysterr. Oysterr is the only reason that we are now planning to move back to Gurgaon.

The five most distinguishing things about Oysterr as compared to other daycares in Gurgaon and Noida are:

  • They concentrate on quality rather than quantity. They do not consider small babies as money-making machines. Everybody is out there to make money...but they make it with a conscience.

  • Excellent hygiene and strict rules. Needless to say, this is the most important criteria when selecting creches in India where there is no government control over daycares. Plus, since they are very strict about not keeping children when they are sick ensures that other children do not catch the flu.

  • Love and emotional bonding is the most important thing that any child needs. It helps boost a child's personality. Genuine love and care of the staff and owners ensures that your child is happy there. it is like a home away from home.

  • The children are kept busy with various activities and they don’t need to go to a preschool separately till the age of 4.

  • Day to day and hour to hour record of every child is maintained and available on request.

I can go on and on...but thought that these 5 things would be the most important as far as a parent is concerned.

Am looking forward to my son going back to Oysterr soon so that I can work with peace of mind and less guilt.

Thanks Oysterr! Please keep up the good work! All the best!

Pooja Sardana, Glaxo Smithkline

Oysterr is a great place for kids to grow. We started Sara on the day care when she was only 5 months old. It is a very big challenge and bigger responsibility for the day care to handle a child that young. But what’s great about Oysterr and the entire team is that they put their heart into taking the family into the family. The environment is healthy and stimulating and a lot of what Sara has learnt is because she is given right stimulus at Oysterr.

I see Sara being excited about going to Oysterr and it feels that this was the best decision we made.


Tvisha was born after too many complications in pregnancy and life. Hence she was all the more precious to us. I had also given up my career as a Doctor and looked after her for a year with all the dedication. So when we started looking for a daycare, I and my husband were the most finicky souls on this earth !!).

We visited almost all the daycare centres in Gurgaon and were even more apprehensive after doing that. Luckily, we found Oysterr. Tvisha is very happy going to Oysterr that she misses going to school (Oysterr) on weekends.

All the criterias I had in mind for daycare are fulfilled at Oyster. It is a place run by professionals in a very homely atmosphere such that each child gets individual attention. Would recommend it to all the parents looking for a daycare.

Thanks a lot…keep up the good work !!!

Ashmita and Manish Kumar, Accenture and Amway

Aadhya has been going to Oysterr since she was sixteen months old. It has become her second home now. She loves the place and we love the way she has grown in Oysterr. Here, at a very early stage she learnt colouring, nursery rhymes, alphabets and numbers. Now that she goes to a proper school she is ahead of her class. Her teachers have to keep providing her with challenges to keep her occupied.

Oysterr has helped shape Aadhya into a well mannered, confident child. A heart felt thank you to the warm and caring team at Oysterr for this.

Manoj Gurnani, Nokia

When it is your first kid, you need to find the best with no compromise whatsoever, when looking for a daycare, especially when both the parents are working. We had already made up our mind on sending our daughter to a daycare – not for our convenience but for her own development so that she becomes more gregarious and outgoing. Gurgaon is full of daycare options and I literally visited most of them. Somehow at the back of the mind we felt that most of the daycare facilities are ‘commercial’ establishments. At Oysterr, Aanya was in the infant category and after talking to Nidhi & Smita, we got the feeling that kids grow in a very homely environment here. It is a great mix of personal touch and professionalism.

We get a complete feedback on how Aanya has fared during the day. Aanya looks forward to go to Oysterr. Kids are looked after well and the place is very secure.

Garima Gurnani, Nokia

Oysterr is like an extended family to us.

Dolly Gupta, American Express

Oysterr is a very secure, clean, loving and hygienic place to send your kids to. The team at Oysterr works hard to ensure your child gets a homely and nurturing environment outside of home where they can grow freely, learn and have fun at the same time. I put Riya in Oysterr at 1.3 years after moving from Sydney. I saw Riya being happy and settling well within a few weeks. Nidhi and the team at Oysterr took great care of Riya and updated me regularly on her daily progress.

Gunjan Verma

Oysterr has been the most enjoyable part of Vasudha’s summer vacation. She has loved every moment of it !!! The range of activities had been well thought of and Vasudha especially enjoyed the Yoga, Aerobics, splash pool days and cooking sessions. The warm and affectionate faculty are a pleasure to interact with. Our thanks to the team at Oysterr for providing a nurturing heaven to our little one.

Tarang G. Saxena

Our experience with Oysterr has been “Pure Delight”. I must compliment the entire team for their thoughtfulness for not only the wide range of activities right from cooking to gardening to writing skills to Aerobics…but also the appropriateness for that activity to be age specific to each child(be it 4 or 8 years). Above all, the children come back home everyday excited to tell about all that they have done and are happy looking forward to another day.

Pinky, Guardian of Nikki, UK based

I have nurtured Nikki as a precious doll. Being an experienced mother, I am very fussy and particular. At Oysterr I have found not only a homely environment, but also love, care and nurturing – that I would like my child to have.

Another observation that we have made is that we have never seen a child / baby cry at Oysterr. I feel this is not a commercial establishment but a second home for Nikki. The team here does a wonderful job.

Vandana Shenoy, Oracle

We are extremely happy the way Nayantara is growing as an individual at Oysterr. We would like to thank Oysterr for creating a secure, fun learning and almost home-like environment for its children. We have never had to worry about her. Hearing her talk of her friends at Oysterr, her Ma’ms and didis, is so reassuring as she will talk only because she’s happy and enjoys their company.

Oysterr scores high on various aspects … passionate promoters (we have seen Nidhi & Smita personally interact and communicate with the kids), friendly and trained teachers and also well-mannered and clean support staff.

The facility is clean and self sufficient with the right atmosphere and outdoor activities for children. I have seen only happy children at Oysterr.

It was important for us to admit Nayantara into a daycare that felt almost like home and after visiting several preschools and daycare facilities in Gurgaon, Oysterr was by far the best. Oysterr is a very secure, clean, well planned and caring daycare. Right from the curriculum, food nutrition to developing their motor skills etc., the school has developed a program that helps in nurturing educating and preparing our children for higher schools.

We wish Oysterr the very best and feel great to be a part of the extended Oysterr family.

Anirvan Ghose and Smita Shet

It was a difficult decision for us to send out 6 month old daughter to a daycare, to be taken care of by complete strangers. Our apprehension about how she would cope with this new environment and unfamiliar people, weighed heavy on our thoughts. But we soon found that all our worries were unwarranted. You made Siya so comfortable and happy; it was a relief to us.

It’s been over two years now that she’s been with you and we can see how she is developing into a bright and confident child, thanks to the love and care she gets from you.

To the entire Oysterr family, Thank You.

Ruchi Rastogi, BSR & Co. (KPMG) and Vineet Rastogi, Siemens

Congratulations to the Oysterr team for creating this special place. I am very happy that I found them. Really appreciate the way they keep the premises neat and clean and in order. Each child is kept very hygienically and clean. Children are happy and are constantly learning. The teachers and helpers are always smiling and welcoming – that eases the pain to leave one’s heart with them.

We all have made a special bond and hope it lasts this lifetime at least. Nidhi was right that Sasha will learn all the nursery rhymes and will not leave even one for us to teach.

All the best to the Oysterr team and God bless them all!

Sonia and Alok Jalali, Architects

The moment I had entered Oysterr, I knew my son would be happy there. It was more than the hygiene, the well mannered maids, the cleanliness – I think the positive vibes, the ambience that spoke out loud, “WE LOVE KIDS”, that did it.

After visiting more than 20 creches, it took me not more than 20 minutes to decide. Yes, I am extremely happy that I made the right decision.

A first born, not even 6 months old, and I was confident he would be taken well care of, more than just food and water, it was the care, genuine care in Oysterr. You have been great and you will always be a part of Kush’s life.

Thank you to all of you for taking such good care of Kush and of course, each day he amazes me with his talks, his stories, rhymes, his knowledge – Oysterr has given him so much. I feel proud to say that I share my most precious, my sweetheart with you all. Touchwood, he already comes across as a sharp and intelligent child.

God bless you all!

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