Our Beliefs

Our belief is embodied in our name… OYSTERR…The very name suggests transformation of a small sand particle to perfection…to a beautiful, spectacular, perfect PEARL…. A pearl that makes one marvel at God’s hand in its creation. Something to treasure, to cherish and love all your life.

We, at Oysterr…, endeavor to make this our philosophy, our guiding principle when it comes to nurturing children to the point of perfection. Each child is a gift - handmade by God - with infinite potential. It is up to each of us to tap, understand and nourish.

  • Every child – Almighty’s creation that they are, has infinite potential.

  • No two children are alike. It is our endeavor to celebrate this uniqueness and help the children achieve all that they were created to be.

  • The process and pace of learning and development has to be suited to every individual child to enable them to flower and grow.

  • Oysterr curriculum is designed to ensure comprehensive learning and is continuously upgraded.

  • Parents and teachers have to work hand in hand to aid the development process for their child.

Our Vision

Our Mission Statement

To be a world class Day Care and Activity Centre with a progressive outlook to provide a healthy environment for comprehensive growth and development of children and bring about a perfect balance of a place professionally managed with a personal touch.

Our Guiding Principles

  • No two children are the same

  • Each child needs his / her space

  • Do it as the mother would do

To create a flexible, organic environment that stimulates and guides a process of continuous learning and reflection; one that immerses young children in a network of emotionally safe relationships and experiences.

Working hours

    8:30 am - 6:30 pm
    +91 124 4044057, 4141222, 4000067


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