Activity Centre

At Oysterr.. we understand that growing children are a bundle of energy and we need an ideal way to channelize them. This energy is the child’s biggest asset and very often the biggest challenge for parents. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our programs in a manner that we are able to channelize this energy in a constructive manner. We help the child pay attention to creativity and get engaged in activities that can divert his/her energy, help them stay focused and concentrate well.

Our activities are aimed at expanding the horizons of children starting from the age of 3 years, thus giving them a good and strong foundation and helping them to develop a well rounded personality.

The key attributes of our learning curriculum are:

  • Interactive sessions – to break the monotony

  • Encouraging participation – every child contributes

  • Expert interaction in an informal set-up

  • Well qualified teachers to facilitate co-learning

Special programs from Oysterr

  • Tell Me Why classes

  • Colours and Sketches

  • Fun with Ma'am

  • Yoga for Children

  • Dance Classes

  • Life Skills

  • Summer Pearls (Holiday Camps)

  • Field Trips

Parents Speak

Oysterr has been the most enjoyable part of Vasudha’s summer vacation. She has loved every moment of it !!! The range of activities had been well thought of and Vasudha especially enjoyed the Yoga,


Gunjan Verma


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