Who are we?

We are eleven years old institution engaged in child care and development activities in Gurgaon since 2007:

Managed professionally with qualified teachers and trained care providers for personal care and attention.

  • Ensuring a hygienic, healthy and congenial environment

  • Complete infrastructure with modern facilities & equipment in peaceful surroundings

  • Provide an ideal ambience for intellectual stimulation and recreation

  • Have a tie up with hospital for exigencies; Doctors on call

  • Continuous monitoring and surveillance system

  • High level of safety and security at all times

  • Convenient and quiet locations with easy access

Our Directors

Ms. Pallavi : Director

Pallavi is an affectionate and compassionate person who comes from a family of professionals and educationists. She is a trained post-graduate teacher who has taught and groomed children of different age groups.

Her ability to motivate the young minds and her emotional connect with the children has always been appreciated by parents/ colleagues. Being a hands on mother of two growing up children, she understands the various emotional and intellectual needs of the children as well as the expectations of the parents.

She is a creative woman with a flair for dance and painting. Her spiritual strength portrays her as a simple, sincere and approachable person.

She has a vision to nurture the little lives with child centric and value based quality learning.

Ragini Garg : Director

Ragini Garg is a professionally qualified educator with a background in Child Development. She is a lady with an open, loving and understanding heart to embrace the children.

Her vision and mission is to kindle the spark within. She seeks to develop caring and loving children by fostering in them morals and values. With her age and experience she provides guidance and direction in the fulfillment of goals and vision of Oysterr.

Why choose Oysterr?

India is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of joint families where a child was raised in the arms of ever-loving grandparents, mothers and aunts. Even the ever-dependable nannies are now a thing of the past.

In the families where both the parents are working, the safety of the child, his / her nourishment and mental development in the absence of the parents is a constant concern. Moreover with progress and changes in society, child care is not same as what it used to be and requires a holistic approach. Child care, today, is a specialized field and goes far beyond mere feeding and putting a child to bed, during the parents’ absence.

We at Oysterr, provide a healthy atmosphere full of love and care to all our children. We ensure that our children are enveloped with a sense of security and a special feeling of being loved and nurtured.

We believe that the best way to prepare children for their adult life is to give them what they need as children, that is:

  • Emotional stability and security.

  • Safety with good hygiene standards.

  • Physical development.

  • Science based psychological growth.

What can you expect from us?

  • Stable emotional climate: When a child is with us at Oysterr, there is complete assurance of a positive, warm, caring and secure environment, which is sensitive to children’s needs, moods and ever-evolving stages of development. 

  • Personalized attention: We are uniquely placed as we only offer limited registrations thus maintaining a healthy child-attendant ratio. This helps us provide personalized attention to each child and keeping them happy and well cared for at all times.

  • Absolute Hygiene: We maintain the highest quality of health and hygiene standards by regular sanitization of all rooms, furniture, toys and learning equipment. At Oysterr, all indoor areas are “No Footwear” zones. Every individual (including the attendants & care providers) in the team at Oysterr maintains high standards of personal hygiene. 

  • Safety and Security – a way of life: We have custom designed the centre with barricade gates, a central surveillance system for continuous monitoring of activities in all rooms and well defined emergency management plans. In addition we have round the clock security , complete fencing and strong access control and monitoring system.

    At Oysterr , safety and safe practices are of paramount importance.Hence, we do not provide live streaming on internet to protect our children from the possible danger of hacking / misuse of their live streaming. However, the parents are welcome to come at the centre and view the recorded video.

  • Well-planned curriculum: Every child, we believe, has immense potential. We have carefully planned age-appropriate activities aimed at developing the cognitive, language, physical, socio-emotional and interpersonal skills of the child.

  • Well-trained team: Every team member at Oyster is individually trained to create a positive, cheerful & friendly environment for your child. The team is trained on various aspects of health and hygiene, including personal grooming and upkeep. All care-providers are duly verified and undergo a complete medical check-up.

  • Food and Nutrition: All our meals are fresh, home cooked and high on nutrition. There is ABSOLUTELY NO JUNK FOOD served at our center. All these meals are designed in consultation with a nutritionist as per the age of the child and are wholesome and well balanced.

  • Parent – Faculty meeting: We encourage a regular parent – faculty interaction to create a deeper understanding with each other about the child’s needs and development. We also assure complete confidentiality about the information on children.

  • ‘Meet Me’ program: To facilitate the easy settling in of children, we offer a unique ‘Meet Me’ program. Here, chosen members of the faculty could visit the child’s home, at mutual convenience, to gain a better insight of the child’s world and his / her needs. Such interaction helps create a stronger bridge between the two worlds of the child – the home and Oysterr.

  • Ambience: All equipment, furniture and facilities - from tables to toilets, are specially designed for children and their needs. 

  • Age groups:

    • 3 months to 1 year

    • 1 to 2 years

    • 2 to 3 years

    • 3.5 years onwards

Working hours

    8:30 am - 6:30 pm
    +91 124 4044057, 4000067


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